A basic introduction to human rights, this booklet outlines their development through history, up to the present day.


It also introduces the world’s most important human rights documents and includes the full text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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Do you know your rights? The fact is, most people can’t name more than a handful of the 30 human rights we all share. Yet these same rights guarantee our safety, our security and our very lives.


This interactive course offers an introduction to human rights and outlines their development through history up to the present day. It teaches you about the world’s most important human rights documents and every article of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


If you know your rights, they can never be taken away. Learn your 30 Human Rights in this interactive online course.


Education is the foundation and catalyst for changing the state of human rights in the world, but educators need effective materials and tools they can use to easily incorporate human rights in their curriculum. Recognizing this, United for Human Rights has the answer: the Bringing Human Rights to Life Education Package. Free to educators, it gives teachers and educators everywhere a resource to help bring the concepts of human rights to life and make them a reality in the hearts, minds and actions of those who study the subject.

Knowledge of the problem is the first step in moving people into action to remedy it and this package has been designed to provide that knowledge.


United for Human Rights and Youth for Human Rights chapters are active the world over, educating people on their human rights. You can take an active role to forward the cause of human rights in your community or professional area. To join an existing human rights chapter, contact us through this form and we will connect you to your nearest chapter. Please provide us as much information as possible about your interests or any current activities you are part of so we can assist you to get started.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the fundamental and international agreement on what human rights are, and so must be known and applied throughout the world.


Make your voice heard. Make human rights education in schools and universities part of the curriculum. You can ensure human rights are learned and demanded by everyone, by signing this petition. 

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