United for Human Rights and Youth for Human Rights chapters are active the world over, educating people on their human rights. You can take an active role to forward the cause of human rights in your community or professional area. To join an existing human rights chapter or to include our FREE material in your own Human Rights group, contact us through this form and we will connect you to your nearest chapter or help get you the tools you need for your own human rights group. Please provide us as much information as possible about your interests or any current activities you are part of so we can assist you to get started.

Do you want to take an active role in initiating activities and forwarding the cause of human rights in your community? The most effective thing you can do is join the United For Human Rights - Australian Chapter as a Committee member for your State! 

To do so, take the following simple steps:

1. Inform friends, co-workers, family members and neighbours about human rights issues, by showing them 'The Story of Human Rights' film and the public service messages covering the thirty human rights specified in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

2. Refer your group friends to this website and get them to have others see the DVDs and booklets, spreading the message of what human rights are.

3. After gathering together an interested and informed group, get in touch with our Australian Head Office to speak with our Administration Staff to find out what is needed next. 

United For Human Rights - Australia is currently looking for volunteers to take on the roles of Branch (State) Committee Members, such as Branch President, Branch Secretary etc. If you are interested in applying for any Branch Committee Role, please mention this in the message part of the form below and attach any relevant information you may have to support your application. We look forward to hearing from all interested parties. 

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